Keep Rolling


Steady Rolling Motorcycles is a Full Service Motorcycle Shop, that Specializes in Harley Davidson Motorcycles and is located at    1131 5th Ave. Oakland, CA 94606

We use these machines to get to the places that nothing else can.  Some of those places are far. Some are close. Some are in our heads.  

We started Steady Rolling Motorcycles because we were working on motorcycles for fun and necessity for close to ten years and still love it.

Services and Turnaround


  They only work right when you put them together right.  When you trust the machine beneath you is when the ride actually begins and I want to keep my customers riding.

Steady Rolling Motorcycles provides the San Francisco Bay Area with quality Harley Davidson service, maintenance and customization with quick turnaround times. 

Keep Rolling - Chad Mooney & Daniel Bryan

$110 per hour 

1131 5th Avenue, Oakland CA 925.642.2222